Welcome to the WWCCA Conservation web page. Our very club name (Western Wayne County Conservation Association) denotes the importance we attach to conservation.

What we do:

• Preserve and improve our Club’s grounds including tree plantings.

• Maintain and improve the Johnson Creek as it flows through our club.

• Educate our young people about conservation.
• We provide birdhouse kits for kids and work with the Boy Scouts.

• Improve wildlife habitant.

• Provide bird and duck houses for our resident-feathered friends.

For information:
Contact Anita Laich


Saturday, March 30th, Birdhouse cleaning and repair work party – 8:00 AM at the pole barn.
Wednesday, April 17th.  Monthly meeting in clubhouse at 7:00 PM     
Friday May 3th. Kid’s birdhouse building party, in the clubhouse at 6:00 PM.
September  (NO DATE YET) Conservation work party (wood cutting) starting at 8:00 AM. Meet at the pole barn.
Wednesday September 18th. Monthly meeting in clubhouse at 7:00 PM.
Saturday October 12th. Johnson Creek Clean-up Work Party starting at 8:00 AM. Meet at the pole barn.
Wednesday December 18th. Monthly meeting and Christmas party in the clubhouse at 7:00 PM.